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Call Us Today!
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Jesse Servin (Owner) And Bernie (Brother)

Some customers have told me my business is the best kept secret in the metroplex. This after they have received the "Servin" service which includes value for the service provided. We are able to provide quality at a very fair price because of the experience behind our services.
My brother Bernie and I have over 44 years of combined experience in the chroming/polising business. One of the most important steps in the chroming/polishing processes is to ensure the metal being serviced has been properly prepared. This includes ensuring the metal has received the best possible straightening and buffing before chroming and/or polishing in the case of metals not being chromed such as Stainless Steel. We pride ourselves in being some of the "best" in producing quality outcomes with these steps. These are very time-consuming and dirty processes; but we love what we do.
Photos Left to Right: Jesse (L) and Bernie (R) Ready To Bang, Polish, and Chrome; 2nd Photo: Bernie and Jesse Prepare to Refinish A Damaged Aluminum Rim.
My brother Bernie and I have have been working from this chrome/polishing business location for eight years. We are a family owned and operated business and pride ourselves in offering quality services. There are many chrome/plating businesses out there so we know that in order to earn and keep your business, we must provide quality services at a fair prices.
We will always do our very best to satisfy you and for that reason we will only quote pricing after analyzing the product(s) to be serviced by us. There is no charge for providing estimates so bring them in, we want to work for you.
Please continue visiting our entire site and review everything the site has to offer. After that give us a call or drop by. Again, thank you for visiting our site.